Metronome 16

The new 16 step
multi pattern metronome

A grid of 16 steps per pattern makes it possible to define complex rhythm patterns. Use triplets, dotted notes and many more.

Patterns can be combined freely! While running the metronome you can enable or mute patterns.

If you are a bored of standard metronomes try this one out! This is your tool if you not only want to practice a boring loop of always recurring patterns but wish to combine different patterns to practice transitions and change of rhythm.


  • nice, fresh user interface in pocket calculator look and feel
  • high metronome clocks accuracy
  • represents your patterns as sheet showing how to count the patterns
  • combines syncopations, triplets, dotted notes and many more
  • combines different patterns for practicing transitions and change
  • nice updates in pipeline

Metronome 16 is a clean app: no ads, no tracking and even if you can't see it a very clean code.